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Ride the Curves in the Thuringian Forest – Motorbike Holidays

Thuringia is for good reason seen as one of the most popular motorbike Meccas in Germany. The hilly streets with their numerous curves, the idyllic resting places and the diverse landscape of the Thuringian Forest make the heart of every motorcyclist skip a beat. But the many sights along the various routes also ensure that the passenger never has a chance to get bored.

Our activity hotel is the ideal starting point for day trips or round trips of several days on a motorbike. Go in the morning on a great discovery tour of the Oberhof holiday region and chat in the evening at the barbecue outside the hotel about your experiences, mopeds, the meaning of life and the world. On cooler days, our lobby serves as a welcoming meeting point and has enough space for whole groups of travellers. You can store your precious two-wheeler until your next excursion in one of our two garages – protected from the wind and the weather.

As Far as your Motorbike Will Take You

Are you still unsure as to what routes you want to take and which is the most beautiful? Do you want to drive, drive, drive and just enjoy the scenery? Then you should take a closer look at our recommended routes.

  1. Motorbike Routes in German:  Tour 1 DownloadTour 2 Download
  2. Biker Connection: Tour 1 Download / Tour 2 Download

We are happy to organize a memorable weekend with lots of variety and, on request, provide a professionally trained motorcycle guide. Why not take a look at our attractive package offers [Link auf] or our Ride-the-Curves package for bikers? A tip: You can find more information on the topic of motorbike rides and safety training at:, or