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Through the Verdant Heart of Germany on Foot

Whether a pleasant nature trail or a challenging mountain tour, the Thuringian Forest is guaranteed to offer all you could want. This is especially true for those visitors who want to explore the Oberhof region on foot. Your reward will be unique landscapes and fabulous panoramic views.

The stunning beauty of this region is best appreciated from the distinctive heights of the fabled Rennsteig ridge walk. Thuringia’s oldest and most well-known high altitude trail leads you through the national park which is mostly covered with dense pine forests, creating a truly picturesque scene. And once you’re there, then you should also pay a visit to the biosphere reserve Vessertal Thuringian Forest or go on one of the many trails recommended by us. And so that you don’t lose your bearings, we will gladly organise an unforgettable weekend with lots of variety and interesting experiences. Just take a look at our package deals.

Take a Hike with Us

Come hiking with us and enjoy the largely unspoiled nature of the national park. We have taken the following trip recommendations from the book ‘Regional Guide to Oberhof: History, Landscape, Tips, Hikes’ (Publisher: grünes herz, Author: Wolfgang Fritzsche) and should serve as inspiration to you.

From Aparthotel heading to bus station. Once in the central location, take the old Ohrdrufer Street towards the upper Swiss hut (Obere Schweizer Hütte). From here turn right on to the ring route, which you follow in a clockwise direction. Past the Katzenteich pond over to the ski jumps at Wadenberg. This is where regular training jumps take place. You can find the training times on our info board. After feeding the wildlife you will reach the old toboggan run. Once at the top, turn left into Crawinkler Street until you reach the north junction of the B247. Below the forest cemetery, you cross over towards the Hotel Panorama and take a path parallel to the B247. After crossing the B247 (underpass), past an old quarry, you will reach a trail that leads into the Stieglitztal valley. Here you can enjoy an amazing view of the valley over to Eckardtskopf. Through the gutter-type Kehltal valley, the hill-side path ends at a street which leads to Gräfenroda. Go right and up and then left towards the allotment gardens. Passing through the Harz forest, the ring route takes you to the southern limits of the region. Passing by the Sporthotel, turn right and wander along Tambacher Street. Once you’re reached the Pirschweg path, turn right and you will be heading into Oberhof again. This is where the ring route ends and you’ll be back in the centre within a few minutes.
Aparthotel via Zellaer Street to the AWO Sano holiday centre. Pass by the golf lawns to get to the high-altitude trail. Passing along the Rennsteig ridge trail, heading towards Schmücke, brings you to Suhler Ausspanne viewpoint, the large Beerberg mountain and Plänckners panorama viewpoint. By carrying on along the Rennsteig you will reach the Schneekopf mountain. The highest point in the Thuringian Forest. Hike back to the Gehlberg junction (you can take the train back or back to Schmücke, journey back with Rennsteig line 421)
From the central location, head down Tambacher Street towards Schmalkalden. The last building on the right-hand side is the Bobhaus. The bobsled run leads down to the lower Swiss Hut (Untere Schweizer Hütte). After 15 minutes you will reach the artificial ice luge track. This path leads directly to the destination building. After around 100m, you will reach Ohrdrufer Street with the upper Schweizer Hütte. The path takes a sharp left turn towards to the jump ramps. The ascent is via the staircase at the Jugendschanze ski jump. At the upper Schweizer Hütte, the street heads back to Oberhof.
From the Aparthotel towards the centre, pass the Schützenberg bus stop in the direction of the Sporthotel. This is where the hiking trails begin, past the Sportgymnasium school towards the Schanzenbaude. The path leads further through the Kanzlersgrund, along the Hasel river direct to the ski jump platform. Carrying on left along the Hasel, you will reach the Kanzlersgrund guesthouse – a request stop back to Oberhof. From the guesthouse, pass the Kohlbachsgrund at the Jägerhausberg mountain and small Falkenstein outcrop and head up to the Rennsteig trail. Once on the Rennsteig trail, go right over the ski jump platform back to Oberhof.
Start at the Aparthotel and head to the town centre. Crawinkler Street ca. 200m, then turn left to the Jugendschanze ski jump. Follow the path signs of the historic sports facilities trail (Sportstättenwanderweg). You will pass along the old Wadeberg bobsled run, here turn left and head upwards along the old Ohrdrufer Street until you reach the luge and bobsled tracks. On Tambacher Street, turn right passing by the alpine ski slope up to the Grenzadler boundary marker stone. Here you can take a look around the biathlon arena and then head back to the Grenzadler stone. Here, cross the street and head to the ski jump platform, then turn right and follow the Rennsteig trail until you come across a junction to the left towards Oberhof. Pass the Sportgymnasium school to get back.
From Aparthotel heading to Südkreuz, turn right at the fuel station to the underpass. Walk down Kehlstraße street towards Gräfenroda. Leave the road to the right at the garden allotments. The view will be of the Kehltal valley north to the prominent Eckardtskopf. After ca. 3km, a guide marker will show the way to the Jagdstein monument. Head back to the guide marker and go north-east and you will see the Schneekopf and the large Beerberg formations. On a light descent, you will cross the Schnabelbach river valley. After a short climb, you will arrive at the Forsthaus Sattelbach (tourist cafe, closed Wednesdays). Use the Rennsteig trail, passing the Rondell monument, head back to Oberhof.
Head towards the centre then carry on to Crawinkler Street to the north crossroads. Wander along the Herrenweg path to the crossroads. Turn left at the junction towards Triefsteingraben. Right at the fork in the path via the Ohratalsperre reservoir to the dam. Not far from here you will find a rest stop (Luisenthal Kiosk) then go towards the bus top / return journey with the Gotha-Oberhof bus line.
From the Aparthotel, head down Zellaer Straße, at the intersection take Waldstraße to Rondel, then carry on over the pedestrian bridge. Once there, it is worth taking a look at the Rennsteig garden (open from April to October). Turn right and carry on to the Bärenstein, go straight until the Flößgraben river, then go left and climb to the Suhler Ausspanne viewpoint – Request stop on Rennsteig line 421 – From the high-altitude Rennsteig trail back to Oberhof.

You can find further recommendations, suggestions and tours in Hikes in Thuringian Forest and Rhön as well as in the current Oberhof hiking flyer (PDF).